A network of local & sustainable shops, from students for students

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We support local & international students to find local & sustainable shops for promoting daily sustainable consumption behaviours.

How do we select the Go2Places?
The Go2Score is our evidence based indicator.
It allows the sustainability of shops to be measured in a simple and participative way.
Your Go2Places will be online soon!
We are working to identify the best and most sustainable places for you to enjoy!

Ice Cream Shop “Galliera 49”

Azienda Agricola Palladino

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Via Nosadella, 35a, 40123 Bologna BO

A stylish place where to enjoy dishes cooked by using selected raw materials, coming from small local producers that respect people, nature and animals.

La Svolta - Cucina di Ragione

Via Santa Croce, 11/A/B/C, 40100 Bologna BO

A market that encourages the exchange, among citizens, of second-hand clothing, furniture, and every kind of objects at very accessible prices.

Crocevia Mercato dell'Usato

Via Mascarella, 26b, 40126 Bologna BO

An awesome place that fosters cultural and ecosystems biodiversity with its offer of food, wine and beers coming from the territory.


Via Galliera 31/a - Bologna

Local and fresh vegetables and fruits according to what nature offers at the moment!

Azienda Agricola Palladino

Str. Maggiore, 50a, 40125 Bologna BO

An experience beyond cooking: A café, a bistrot, an exhibition space, a coworking office immersed in an environment that stimulates creativity.


Via Belvedere, 11b, 40121 Bologna BO

A little pearl, owned and run by deaf people, where integration and comfort are central. A very human experience that is worth a try, besides the big choice of wines and aperitifs.

Senza Nome

Via Collegio di Spagna 5b, 40123, Bologna Italia

The first social bar in Bologna, a unique place where you can have organic meals and drinks, chilling in a comfy living room.

Café de la Paix