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Our goal

Promoting sustainable travel among international students is our primary goal, in collaboration with the member institutions of the Go2UNIS Network. We aim to achieve this by connecting students sharing the same exchange location within and across universities through messaging groups generated when students fill out the form on Go2RAIL’s homepage. This messaging system allows them to establish contact, share useful information, and coordinate their travels to or from their exchange location in a fun and collaborative way.

For now, train travel typically takes longer to reach distant destinations compared to other modes of transportation. Yet, we firmly believe that this aspect can be flipped into a positive one when social interactions among like-minded people are facilitated, transforming long trips into unforgettable journeys.

Finally, and to be realistic, we recognize that the cost of train tickets can be a significant barrier. To address this, we are committed to providing international students with promo codes that can be used for train tickets and other essential student needs. This, along with the financial support available within the Erasmus+ framework, aims to make train travelling more accessible to all.

Why join?

Give a human touch to your mobility strategy!

Promote more sustainable travel behaviors by harnessing the power of human connections, and making long trips fun and shared journeys.

Together, it's safer!

For students traveling to distant exchange locations, overnight travel is often unavoidable and can leave them feeling unsafe. Help them overcome this by traveling in good company.

Green mobility in Europe!

Discover the strategies adopted by other European institutions to promote green travel among international students by attending the "Green Mobility Knowledge Hub" sessions.

How to join the Go2UNIS Network?

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Review the received MoU and feel free to suggest any changes you'd like to see implemented, in accordance with your institution's regulations. Once the MoU is sent back signed, your institution will be added to the Member Institutions of the Go2UNIS Network.

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Now everything is set! You can begin spreading the word about the Go2RAIL initiative within your student community through the communication channels you regard as most suitable.

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