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Check your university inbox for instructions on how to purchase your train ticket with a 10% or 20% discount, respectively for routes in France and Italy, on the lowest available price for Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Frecciabianca trains.

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Did you know that, as an exchange student, you'll receive an extra 50€ on top of your Erasmus+ grant when you travel to or from your exchange location using sustainable transportation?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What website should I use to buy my train ticket with a Go2RAIL PROMOCODE?

To buy a ticket with a Go2RAIL PROMOCODE, please use ONLY the Trenitalia co-branded webpage accessible at this link:

How much do I save with a Go2RAIL PROMOCODE?

On ITALIAN routes (e.g., Turin-Naples), you can enjoy a 20% discount on SuperEconomy, SpecialeFrecce, and FrecciaYoung fares for Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca trains. On FRENCH routes (e.g., Paris-Turin), you can get a 10% discount on the cheapest price offered by Trenitalia S.p.A. at the moment of your purchase.

On which days of the week can I use the Go2RAIL PROMOCODEs?

The Go2RAIL PROMOCODEs can be used to buy tickets on any day of the week, where applicable.

Why may I receive two different Go2RAIL PROMOCODEs in the same email?

If you select an international route, for example from Bologna (Italy) to Lyon (France), you will receive two PROMOCODEs. One is valid to buy a discounted train ticket in one nation (e.g., Italy: Bologna-Turin) and the other is to buy a ticket in the other involved nation (e.g., France, Turn-Lyon). In this case you would need to buy the two tickets separately.

How many Go2RAIL PROMOCODEs can I request?

You can request an unlimited number of Go2RAIL PROMOCODEs, but please use them promptly. A limit of two PROMOCODEs is in place, and it will unlock as you use the discounts to buy train tickets.

For which trains are the Go2RAIL PROMOCODEs valid?

The Go2RAIL PROMOCODEs are applicable to buy tickets to travel on Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Frecciabianca trains.

On which routes do the Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Frecciabianca trains operate?

You can find more information about the routes these trains cover through the following links: 1. Frecciarossa – (; 2. Frecciargento (; 3. Frecciabianca (

Is the Go2RAIL PROMOCODE valid for regional trains also?

We are working on making this possible! Currently, the PROMOCODEs can only be used for Trenitalia's Freccia trains.

At which stage of the purchase process can I insert and apply the Go2RAIL PROMOCODE?

Once you have selected your travel preference, click on “CONTINUE”. In the “Passengers” section click on “+ ENTER DISCOUNT COUPON” (in Italian “+ INSERISCI CODICE SCONTO”), and Copy&Paste your PROMOCODE. Note that when traveling on an international route, such as Bologna-Paris, you'll need to follow this procedure for each PROMOCODE received.

How long is the Go2RAIL PROMOCODE valid for?

The validity extends until approximately August 2024, but you can find the exact expiration date of your PROMO CODE in the same email where you received it.

Who can use the Go2RAIL PROMOCODEs?

The Go2RAIL PROMOCODEs can be used by any student, including PhDs, traveling on the covered national or international routes.

What happens to the Go2RAIL PROMOCODE if I change my ticket or its date?

Changing your ticket or its date will result in the loss of the Go2RAIL PROMOCODE discount. In such case you would need to request a new Go2RAIL PROMOCODE. Further information can be found in the following link, which can be easily translated into English with an online translator (e.g., Google Translate):

My institution's email ending is not in the drop-down menu on the form page. What should I do?

If this occurs, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please send an email to with the ending of the student email accounts at your institution (e.g., Once received, we will add it!

How do I contact other Go2RAILERs through Telegram?

You can get in touch with fellow travelers if you're on an international route (e.g., Bologna-Paris) through two primary types of Telegram groups: 1. A COMMUNITY GROUP that allows you to connect with all students heading to your international destination to share relevant information (e.g., housing, granting opportunities etc.); 2. A TRAVEL GROUP that connects you with students traveling on at least one common train on your same date.

What is the Go2RAIL Telegram Bot?

The Go2RAIL Telegram Bot is a tool provided by Go2RAIL to assist and guide you in experiencing shared travel. It offers all the necessary links to connect with other Go2RAILERs and enhance your shared travel experience.

Will people know my telephone number when I join a Telegram group?

No, neither party will see another's phone number, unless this is permitted by your Telegram privacy settings. Additional information can be found at

Can I leave a Telegram group once I'm sorted in?

Yes, you can leave a Telegram group at any time after being sorted in. You can also request the deletion of your data by sending an email to Go2RAIL (

How do I book a ticket close to other Go2RAILERs?

Access the Go2RAIL Telegram Bot through the link provided in the email and interact with it to find where the other Go2RAILERs are seated. Then buy your ticket after activating the “CHOOSE SEATS” option and select your seat according to the information received through the Go2RAIL Telegram Bot.

In the form page I’m asked for the reception of additional PROMOCODEs; what is it about?

In the medium term, Go2RAIL is going to prize all students travelling by train with additional PROMOCODEs that are relevant to students’ daily lives (e.g., grocery stores, Decathlon, Flixbus, In turn, this section allows us to gather relevant information to close as soon as possible relevant deals with students’ preferred partners.

Can I use Go2RAIL PROMOCODE(s) also for round trips?

No, the PROMOCODE is meant to be used for one-way trips only. For round trips, you are supposed to use multiple PROMOCODEs.

About us

What is Go2Rail?

As a team of friends who have traveled across Europe and the world to complete our studies, we acknowledge that we've taken too many flights. This is something we aim to change, and Go2RAIL is our way of doing it!

is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting trains as a fun, shared, and affordable mode of travel. In line with our goal of making international students' train travelling more affordable, we commit (see Go2RAIL statute) to reinvest the accumulated annual profits for continually reducing train tickets prices with dedicated gift-cards.

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Who is behind the project?

Meet Go2RAIL's co-founders...

Guido Martinolli

President & Project Lead

I’m currently finishing up my PhD in HR Psychology at the University of Valencia and working as Product Analyst at Flix. Erasmus Mundus alumnus and previous re-elected program representative for the EMJMD in WOP Psychology.

Nicola Amoriello

Secretary & Web Development

I’m currently working as back-end developer at Musixmatch. Alumnus in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bologna.

Nicola La Palombara

Vice-President & Operations

I’m currently working as a PhD fellow in Logistics and Optimizations at Université Gustave Eiffel. Alumnus in Management Engineering at the University of Bologna.

Gianluca Vanni

Counselor & Business Development

I’m currently working as Investment Banking vice president at QInvest. Alumnus in Finance at the Bocconi University.

Matt Tips

Institutional Engagement

I’m currently working at KU Leuven as Policy Advisor for International Policy and for Sustainability, through the "Green Erasmus" project. Besides I’m Board Member at IROICA (i.e., European Network of International Relations Officers), were I now hold the position of Sustainability Officer, after being 7 years President.

Carlotta Storchi

Head of Go2PLACES

I graduated at the University of Bologna in a master course promoted in collaboration with EIT Climate KIC, combining the technical knowledge of environmental engineering and climate change related topics.

Valerio Massaro

Web Development

I’m currently working as a Research Fellow in cyber security at the University of Bologna. Alumnus in Informatic Engineering at the University of Bologna