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Did you know that if you travel to or from your exchange location with a sustainable means of transport you will receive 50€ on top of your Erasmus+ grant?
Hurry up! Contact the internationalization office at your home institution to have access to this extra support.

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What is Go2Rail?

Go2RAIL is a not-for-profit organization that aims at promoting trains as a fun, shared, and affordable travel mode choice. Coherently with our aim of making train tickets more affordable, we commit ourselves, through the Go2RAIL statute, to reinvest the yearly generated profit in our business to lower their prices even more.
As a team of friends who travelled across Europe and the world to complete our studies, we are aware that we have already taken too many flights. This is something that we want to change and Go2RAIL is how we want to do it!

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Who is behind the project?

Meet Go2RAIL co-founders...

Guido Martinolli

President & Project Lead

I’m currently finishing up my PhD in HR Psychology at the University of Valencia and working as People Agent Analytics at Flix. Erasmus Mundus alumnus and previous re-elected program representative for the EMJMD in WOP Psychology at the University of Bologna.

Nicola Amoriello

Secretary & Web Development

I’m currently working as back-end developer at Musixmatch. Alumnus in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bologna.

Nicola La Palombara

Vice-President & Operations

I’m currently working as a PhD fellow in Logistics and Optimizations at Université Gustave Eiffel. Alumnus in Management Engineering at the University of Bologna.

Gianluca Vanni

Counselor & Business Development

I’m currently working as Investment Banking vice president at QInvest. Alumnus in Finance at the Bocconi University.

Matt Tips

Institutional Engagement

I’m currently working at KU Leuven as Policy Advisor for International Policy and for Sustainability, through the "Green Erasmus" project. Besides I’m Board Member at IROICA (i.e., European Network of International Relations Officers), were I now hold the position of Sustainability Officer, after being 7 years President.

Carlotta Storchi

Head of Go2PLACES

I graduated at the University of Bologna in a master course promoted in collaboration with EIT Climate KIC, combining the technical knowledge of environmental engineering and climate change related topics.

Valerio Massaro

Web Development

I’m currently working as a Research Fellow in cyber security at the University of Bologna. Alumnus in Informatic Engineering at the University of Bologna