Our Vision?

Rethinking European student mobility to take action against climate change.

What we do

We promote sustainable behaviors among European students, PhDs included…

The train is our shared, affordable, and fun travel choice.
Host and get hosted for fighting climate change.
A European network of local and sustainable shops.
Express your travel preferences!

Our Team

"The more we are the greener we get"

Let's make an impact together!

Guido Martinolli
Co-founder & CEO
Gianluca Vanni
Co-founder & CFO
Nicola Amoriello
Co-founder & CTO
Nicola La Palombara
Co-founder & COO
Valerio Massaro
IT & Web Development
Carlotta Storchi
Sustainability Analyst
Giovanna Ariel Ventre
Corporate Development & Data Insight
Giovanni Maria Della Ratta
Graphic Designer & UX
Giacomo Pignatti