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We support local & international students to find local & sustainable shops for promoting daily sustainable consumption behaviours.

How do we select the Go2Places?
The Go2Score is our evidence based indicator.
It allows the sustainability of shops to be measured in a simple and participative way.
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We are working to identify the best and most sustainable places for you to enjoy!

Ice Cream Shop “Galliera 49”

Azienda Agricola Palladino

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Via Nosadella, 9/a, 40123 Bologna BO

A natural, handmade and solid cosmetics shop born in 2017 in Bologna.

Bagno Marie Cosmetica Amichevole

Via Galliera, 49b, 40121 Bologna BO

An artisan shop founded in 1998. It is one of the most interesting shops in the large array of ice-cream parlours in Bologna.

Gelateria Galliera 49

Via Urbana, 10, 40123 Bologna BO

A bike shop run by two young owners, selling second-hand bicycles, and repair assistance.

La Bicicletta

Via dal Luzzo, 4a, 40125 Bologna BO

A pub where you can not only drink craft beers, but also practise kindness, cooperation, and mutual aid.

Birreria Popolare

Via S. Leonardo, 2a, 40126 Bologna BO

A small shop of second-hand and vintage clothes, where you can always be helped by the kind owner.

La Leonarda

Via degli Albari, 4a, 40126 Bologna BO

A break for rejuvenation in the centre of Bologna. A 1200 square metres space dedicated to wellbeing, inner research, and the meeting of other cultures.

Centro Natura

Via Castiglione, 59c, 40124 Bologna BO

A tailor’s shop born in 2016 by founders from Africa, which is gaining more and more success and prestige.

Vicini D’istanti

Via Pietralata, 75a, 40122 Bologna BO

Both a tavern and a pizzeria, they build the menu based on the seasonal raw materials from small local producers.

Il Rovescio

Via Broccaindosso, 5c, 40125 Bologna BO

The first and only brew-pub in the centre of Bologna, with a visible production plant offering always excellent craft beers on tap.

Birra Cerqua

Via Luigi Serra, 3b, 40129 Bologna BO

Awarded ice-cream parlour, using all certified organic raw materials coming from a network of small and family-run local suppliers.


Via Sabotino, 12/Ab, 40131 Bologna BO

A bike store for people using bikes on the road, or offroad and on the beautiful hills of Bologna.


Via Santo Stefano, 111, 40100 Bologna BO

Repair shop and bikes sale with a wide choice of bike accessories.

Mauri Bike

Via Vittorio Veneto, 16/d, 40131 Bologna BO

The heart of bulk grocery stores in Bologna, established in 2013 with more than 400 bulk food products and detergents available.

La Bottega di Silvia

Via Giuseppe Petroni, 15b, 40126 Bologna BO

It is one of the most famous vegan bistrot in Bologna, born from the evolution of a historic artisan sandwich place.


Via Castiglione, 134, 40136 Bologna BO

Vetro is the spot dedicated to those who experience “Le Serre” as a place of work, culture or for those who simply want to take a break.

Vetro, Le Serre Giardini Margherita

Via Rialto, 22, 40124 Bologna BO

A bistrot open from morning to evening for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, and dinners (Wednesdays and weekends), with 100% plant-based offer.

Fram Bistrot Bioveg

Via Mascarella, 81h, 40122 Bologna BO

Vegetarian and organic dishes in a bar/restaurant with a minimal interior decorated with books and photos on sponged walls.


Via Sant'Isaia, 57a, 40122 Bologna BO

A 100% organic and vegan pastry shop and gastronomy.

Canapè incontro

Str. Maggiore, 35/C, 40125 Bologna BO

More than a simple store with organic cosmetics, it’s a place where people can see, touch and smell a whole world of products in person.

La Saponaria - Biostorie Bologna

Via Camillo Casarini, 19a, 40131 Bologna BO

The new stimulating bistrot with vintage flavour opened in the heart of DumBO, Bologna’s urban regeneration space with a post-industrial charm.

Officina Bistrot

Via Milazzo, 24, 40121 Bologna BO

A group of young basketball fans have made the sport an extraordinary tool to boost social inclusion, art, and physical activity.

Regaz dei Fava

Via Luigi Serra, 2 g/h, 40129 Bologna BO

The first revolutionary library for objects that promotes economic saving through sharing, implementation of circular economy principles, and development of trust in others.

Leila - La Biblioteca degli oggetti

Via Nosadella, 35a, 40123 Bologna BO

A stylish place where to enjoy dishes cooked by using selected raw materials, coming from small local producers that respect people, nature and animals.

La Svolta - Cucina di Ragione

Via Santa Croce, 11/A/B/C, 40100 Bologna BO

A market that encourages the exchange, among citizens, of second-hand clothing, furniture, and every kind of objects at very accessible prices.

Crocevia Mercato dell'Usato

Via Mascarella, 26b, 40126 Bologna BO

An awesome place that fosters cultural and ecosystems biodiversity with its offer of food, wine and beers coming from the territory.


Via Galliera 31/a - Bologna

Local and fresh vegetables and fruits according to what nature offers at the moment!

Azienda Agricola Palladino

Str. Maggiore, 50a, 40125 Bologna BO

An experience beyond cooking: A cafč, a bistrot, an exhibition space, a coworking office immersed in an environment that stimulates creativity.


Via Belvedere, 11b, 40121 Bologna BO

A little pearl, owned and run by deaf people, where integration and comfort are central. A very human experience that is worth a try, besides the big choice of wines and aperitifs.

Senza Nome

Via Collegio di Spagna 5b, 40123, Bologna Italia

The first social bar in Bologna, a unique place where you can have organic meals and drinks, chilling in a comfy living room.

Café de la Paix