Crocevia Mercato dell'Usato
A market that encourages the exchange, among citizens, of second-hand clothing, furniture, and every kind of objects at very accessible prices.
Solid; ready for reaching the ultimate level!
Halfway between Porta San Felice and Via del Pratello, one of the most fancy student spots in town.
From clothing to toys, from furniture to home furnishings, up to household appliances and music discs. A second-hand market born with the idea of playing an intermediary role in buying and selling between individuals. Bring the goods you no longer use and get second-hand items in excellent conditions and at very affordable prices.
You have something that you don't need anymore and you are about to throw it away? Don't do it! The market has a special box outside the door that can be used to freely exchange every kind of good among citizens, without even entering the shop!