Gelateria Galliera 49
An artisan shop founded in 1998. It is one of the most interesting shops in the large array of ice-cream parlours in Bologna.
Solid; ready for reaching the ultimate level!
Behind “Piazza VIII Agosto” parallel to the street of “Via dell’Indipendenza”.
Passionate about cooking and, above all, about ice-cream, they work to offer a highly intriguing ice-cream with both flavours and aroma. The choice of raw ingredients is the basis of their quality and they do not do it only in terms of taste, but also controlling the supply chain in order to preserve its genuineness and sustainability. They personally carry out each phase of product processing, controlling the entire life cycle of their ice-cream. This constant search for raw ingredients for their constantly evolving ice-cream makes them a “Dynamic Ice-cream Parlour”.
By adding a small donation at your ice-cream (50 cent), Galliera 49 will duplicate the offer and devolve it to the Italian Association against Leukaemia-Lymphomas and Myeloma ONLUS.