La Svolta - Cucina di Ragione
A stylish place where to enjoy dishes cooked by using selected raw materials, coming from small local producers that respect people, nature and animals.
Master level; let's discover their secrets!
In a very peaceful alley, 5' walk from "Piazza Malpighi"ť and "Piazza San Francesco"ť.
A gastronomic world that wants to be a critical and sustainable consumption model. They reason on the ingredients used by placing at the centre of their cuisine those raw materials and those production processes that respect people, nature, and animals. They personally select small local producers who daily cultivate, breed, and transform with care and passion a good, clean and fair ingredient.
Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, meat, fish: The menu reflects natural seasonal cycles and offers dishes for all the preferences, and has also a specific session for product traceability.