Vetro, Le Serre Giardini Margherita
Vetro is the spot dedicated to those who experience “Le Serre” as a place of work, culture or for those who simply want to take a break.
Master level; let's discover their secrets!
In the heart of “Giardini Margherita”, the biggest green space in town.
Vetro’s gastronomic offer is made from seasonal raw materials that respect the land and the work (artisanal and manual) of those who produce them. Grab a drink and don’t be afraid of plastic usage, Vetro uses glass containers that can be returned and discourages the purchase of bottled water thanks to “Armilla”, their public fountain of microfiltered water.
20 metres is the distance that herbs and vegetables travel from their vegetable garden to the table! Also, they are among the first ones to have declared their detergents for space cleaning and personal hygiene completely Ecolabel certified.