Vicini D’istanti
A tailor’s shop born in 2016 by founders from Africa, which is gaining more and more success and prestige.
Solid; ready for reaching the ultimate level!
Right behind “Porta Castiglione” and close to “Giardini Margherita”.
Born in a room of a reception centre for asylum seekers, this shop then moved to a cellar, then a small space shared with a parish in Bologna, until it finally landed in the actual building, where it took the appearance and professionalism of a real fashion studio. What started as a tailor-made shop, now offers by prȇt-à-porter garments, accessories, and home furnishing. Alongside the creation and repair of cloths, they sell African WAX fabric
Are you interested in the world of sewing? Vicini D’Istanti also organises sewing courses and events.