An experience beyond cooking: A cafč, a bistrot, an exhibition space, a coworking office immersed in an environment that stimulates creativity.
Solid; ready for reaching the ultimate level!
A few steps from the suggestive "Piazza Santo Stefano"ť and the famous "Torre degli Asinelli"ť.
A place where creativity, imagination and good taste meet to offer an experience that goes beyond cooking: Zoo is an ever-transforming cafč and exhibition space that hosts a variety of workshops and events. It offers a delicious all-day menu: Everyone enjoys the atmosphere, their international foods"¦ and the best bagels in town! You just don't wanna miss it! :)
The passion and determination of 3 women and the numerous cultural, social, and environmental awareness projects carried out: Arte Fiera, Bilbolbul International Comics Festival, Gender bender and Children's book fair. Exhibitions on the theme of plastic, sustainable future, and the recurring appointment on the Children's book fair. Go for it!